JUNE 2018

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The Hill Street Country Club and Linksoul Lab are pleased to present  

                        Ashes of  Us (An Inventory of Memory)                                                                                      

  featuring works by Harley Cortez


My work is a visual language, an attempt to incapsulate a feeling while saying very little - in the same way we'd read a poem. In fact there are often poems written within my paintings, which is a method I use for documenting that particular phase or period.


I am working towards a continuing expansion of themes that I find myself obsessed with:  duality, illuminating the arc of the marginalized or voiceless and also soul variants -- how our indigenous spirit interacts with genetic memory to respond to the exponential rate of change in the modern world. The question I often ask while painting is 'How do we navigate our inner ancient in all of this?'
My preoccupation with poetry and symbolisms is carried out much like archeological findings. The work is an expression not unlike cave drawings, cuniform or hieroglyphs - like the Mayan one's found in the excavations of my mother's native Guatemala. 

Besides my technique of automatic painting in various mediums, I often use writing as one of my biggest modalities - it is all together a motif, a technique, and a tool.


Harley Cortez is a multimedia visual artist, musician, and filmmaker. His work has been shown in Los Angeles, NYC, and Tokyo. Raised in Los Angeles, CA and Queens, NY.

he lived in Guatemala for brief stints in his youth. 

Influenced by literature, cinema, and musicology, his work is often a juxtaposition of those. His expressive works often look like manipulated scenes, raising questions that challenge our perceptions of what the painting actually is. As well as being a musician, poet, and filmmaker, he uses all mediums as an art platform to express an ever-changing existential notion on what it means to be alive. 

Using various modalities his paintings, drawings, abstract pieces have been used on record covers, film, design, and art direction.

His travels have a continuing influence on his work.
His upcoming projects include a full length LP entitled TANGIER and an avant-classical/instrumental album entitled "Another Inventory of Memory". 
Other works include narrative and experimental short films as well as scores in feature and short films.

His upcoming solo exhibitions are in Tokyo, Japan, San Diego, CA, and Los Angeles, CA slated for 2018