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Q& A with artist Julia Hill
What inspires you?
I find myself having constant inspiration from several different aspects of life. Nature, space and the universe, the mind and how we perceive things, energies that are inside all human beings and how we are connected through this. Also several creative outlets like film, music, paintings, installation and sculpture. Even down to random discoveries like going to a thrift shop and seeing the artwork sold there or seeing a child create something purely out of their imagination
          What inspired this piece/idea?
The show is heavily inspired by how the mind perceives different stages of sleep, how the subconscious controls every facet of our lives and how you can start to find answers to things in your life by going through your subconscious in certain stages of sleep
What are most of your dreams about?
My dreams vary. A lot of them were nightmares and night terrors which actually propelled this subject matter in the beginning. I was curious as to why I was having so many of these night terrors and so I started to create images that were based on them; maybe using it as a therapeutic outlet for these dreams. I've been really trying to hone down the act of lucid dreaming lately and those dreams can be anything from flying and testing the limits of the lucid dream to trying to talk to people and connect with them in the dream world.